How The EchoStat Works

EchoStat works for both prismatic pouch or cylindrical cells of all standard sizes. Battery cells simply slide into the EchoStat station.

Ultrasound pulses are sent from one side and recieved on the opposite end until the full area of the cell is covered. EchoStat moves from cell to cell until the entire pack is complete.

Pulses collected on the current cell are examined through EchoStat’s software platform, built with Feasible's proprietary machine learning algorithms, to produce mesaurements of 99.9% accuracy.

Optimized battery performance. Increased electric vehicle lifespan. It all starts with better battery metrology for SoC and SoH.

R & D

  • Accelerated prototyping
  • Process design and development optimization

Pilot-scale / Applied Eng.

  • Smart process control
  • Enhanced throughput and yield

Cell-level Production

  • Rapid iteration on product design, and vendor reliability and specifications

Pack/System-level Production

  • Smart inbound QC Supply chain management
  • Final product QC

In-use Monitoring

  • Real-time analytics and insights
  • Optimized maintenance

Battery Innovation


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