How EchoStat™ Works

Advanced Battery Inspection & Metrology With Ultrasound and Machine Learning

EchoStat™ can handle all common types of battery cells, regardless of size or chemistry. Feasible has systems for pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cells.

Ultrasound pulses are sent into one side of the cell and response signals are received on the opposite side. EchoStat™ can cover the full area of a cell, and its speed and non-invasive nature makes it easy to integrate into any workflow.

Data is examined through EchoStat™’s analytics platform. Feasible’s proprietary software provides deep insights on the differentials within one cell, between multiple cells, and between production lines.

Screening & Analytics Platform

EchoStat's™ battery inspection & intelligence platform is supported by Feasible's powerful software. Easily monitor processes over time or compare quality across production lines.

Feasible Battery Inspection & Metrology Software

Affortable electric vehicles powered by safer, more reliable batteries.

Pilot-scale / Process Eng.

  • Accelerated product and process development timelines
  • Better optimization of process design

Cell-level Production

  • Enhanced process control for improved yield and process times
  • Faster, direct feedback on process drift and excursions

Pack/System Production

  • Improved inbound QC and supply chain management
  • Tighter cell selection criteria for better system performance

In-use Monitoring

  • Real-time SOC/SOH insights that improve range and lifetime
  • Elevated sensitivity to potential safety or maintenance issues

Second-life Use

  • Faster, more accurate assessment of potential for re-use
  • Better bankability with high-fidelity data on performance/reliability

Inspection and Metrology Innovation


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