How EchoStat™ Works

EchoStat™ can screen all common types of battery cells, regardless of size or chemistry. Feasible has systems for pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cells, which simply slide into the EchoStat™ station.

Ultrasound pulses are sent into one side of the cell and response signals are received on the opposite side, and can cover the full area of a cell. The rapid speed and non-invasive nature of EchoStat™ makes it easy to integrate into any workflow.

Data is examined through EchoStat™’s screening and analytics platform. Feasible’s proprietary software provides deep insights on the differentials within one cell, between multiple cells, and between production lines.

Screening & Analytics Platform

EchoStat™ is supported by Feasible's powerful screening and analytics platform. Easily conduct comparisons of quality across different lines. See a real-time running log of screening data.

Maximum battery performance. Longer-lasting electric vehicles with lower production costs. It all starts with greater assurance from improved quality control at each manufacturing step.

Pilot-scale / Applied Eng.

  • Smart process control, enhancing throughput and yield
  • Accelerated process design and development timelines

Cell-level Production

  • Smart process monitoring/control for enhanced yield and process times
  • Fast, direct feedback on process drift and excursions

Pack/System Production

  • Smart inbound quality control and supply chain management
  • Tighter selection criteria enables better overall system

In-use Monitoring

  • Real-time SOC/SOH insights that improve range and lifetime
  • Elevated sensitivity for detecting potential safety or maintenance issues

Second-life Use

  • Fast, accurate assessment of potential for re-use in secondary applications
  • Better bankability with high-fidelity data on performance and reliability

Battery Innovation


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