Feasible EchoStat

Feasible introduces EchoStat - the battery metrology platform combining ultrasound with advanced machine learning techniques for SoC measurements of 99.9% accuracy. Accurate SoC measurements means significant operational lifespan extensions for your batteries.

EchoStat sees batteries differently

Cell 1

Cell 2

Cell 1

Cell 2

EchoStat perfectly compliments the QA process along the battery manufacturing value chain to improve yields and save $ millions across the annual production volume.

Electrolyte liquids play a crucial role in several key steps of the battery manufacturing process. Ultrasound waves sent through EchoStat are particularly sensitive to liquid medium and even the most subtle change will register. Detecting subtle variances during QA will be driving factor for lifespan extensions of multiple years in the battery pack.

Coating & Calendaring

Electron transport in lithium-ion battery structure is a key factor in the overall battery performance. The calendaring of the electrodes has become a critical step in the battery fabrication process, as well as coating and drying. EchoStat can detect subtle changes in quality of coating and calendaring and can improve yields significantly.

Electrolyte Wetting

Filling cells with electrolyte liquid is a core process during manufacturing. EchoStat has the ability to ensure proper wetting properties between solid electrodes and liquid electrolyte by detecting the most minute anomaly.

Forming & Aging

To ensure accurate SoC calculation while a battery ages, the changes that take place in a battery’s overpotential and Electro-Motive Force behavior need to be fully understood. EchoStat is supported by Feasible advanced machine learning model to provide in-depth insight on changing behaviors for the most accurate SoC calculation.



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