Batteries are ubiquitous. They power whole industries and are the cornerstone of the clean energy transition. Deep understanding and actionable insights are key to accelerating progress and boosting innovation. Our solutions help create the batteries that will transform the future of energy and transportation.



Ensure Safe, Reliable EV Batteries

Get full visibility into each cell to ensure that only the safest, most reliable, highest-performing batteries are powering the electric transportation revolution.

Cell & Pack Production

Improve Effectiveness & Cost of Battery Productions

Leverage unique, non-invasive insights to quality components, minimize scrap, improve process control, and improve process efficiency.

Consumer Electronics

Meet the Power Demands of Next-Gen Devices

Accelerate development and validation for the batteries that power breakthrough products. Ensure vendor reliability throughout the product lifecycle.


Feasible’s EchoStat™ Platform

Ultrasound Combined with Machine Learning for Advanced Battery Metrology

EchoStat™ uses ultrasound and machine learning to rapidly and non-invasively deliver actionable information throughout the entire battery value chain. Our patented process-control and process-enabling solutions are designed to help our customers achieve best-in-class battery performance, reliability, and safety while reducing overall battery costs.

Conventional electrical inspection methods are only surface deep.

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Ultrasound waves are incredibly sensitive to small shifts in component quality and process parameters. Detecting these in real-time with EchoStat™ will lead to lower-cost, safer, and higher-performing batteries.

Electrodes & Separators

As electron and ion transport are key to performance, ensuring electrode and separator integrity is crucial. EchoStat™ can detect subtle differences in thickness, porosity, and mechanical properties prior to cell assembly.

Electrolyte Saturation

Electrolyte is a battery’s lifeblood. Interior components must be fully soaked to avoid premature degradation. EchoStat™ easily detects minute differentials in saturation to ensure rapid and complete distribution throughout every cell.

Formation & Aging

These lengthy and expensive steps uncover many defects and process issues, well after they occur. By detecting them further upstream, EchoStat™ can tighten feedback loops, shorten quality excursions, and increase yield.


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