Feasible’s EchoStat™ Platform

Ultrasound Combined with Machine Learning for Advanced Battery Metrology

EchoStat™ screens battery cells on the deepest level to provide superior process and quality control at every step of battery manufacturing. Key manufacturing steps can take on the order of days to weeks to reach the required level of quality. By detecting the anomalies within cells in seconds, EchoStat™ can improve yield and streamline key processes, saving time and money.

EchoStat™ sees batteries differently

Cell 1 Results

Cell 2 Results

Cell 1 Results

Cell 2 Results

EchoStat™ delivers unique, previously-unattainable insights that enable process drift and cell defects to always be caught early when they can still be mitigated. Better process control means $ millions saved for every GWh produced. Better yield means $ millions more in sales per line.

Process parameters dictate the safety, performance, and cost of batteries. Ultrasound waves are incredibly sensitive to even the most subtle shifts in these parameters. Being able to detect these subtleties in real-time with EchoStat™ will lead to lower-cost, safer, and higher-performing batteries.

Coating & Calendaring

As electron and ion transport in a battery are key factors in performance, coating and calendaring are crucial steps. EchoStat™ can detect subtle changes in thickness, porosity, and material distribution across the electrode web.

Electrolyte Wetting

Electrolyte is a battery’s lifeblood. Interior components must be fully soaked to avoid premature degradation and dendritic build-up. EchoStat™ easily detects the most minute saturation differentials to ensure complete distribution throughout the cell.

Forming & Aging

These lengthy and expensive process steps uncover many defects, but eliminate the possibility of rework. By detecting process drift and defects further upstream, EchoStat™ can shorten feedback loops and increase yield.



Feasible’s EchoStat ensures the batteries powering the electric transportation revolution are the safest and the most reliable.

Feasible EchoStat for automotive batteries

Grid Storage

Feasible’s EchoStat can provide more predictability for batteries to optimize their field use as energy storage becomes more prevalent across the grid.

Feasible EchoStat for grid storage

Residential Storage

Deeper insights from Feasible’s EchoStat will drive down system costs to serve the growing demand in the residential storage market.

Feasible EchoStat for residential storage

Consumer Electronics

Feasible’s EchoStat offers the most transparent validation for battery performance, reliability, and performance, allowing batteries to take on the shrinking and unique form factors demanded by consumer electronics in the age of IoT.

Feasible EchoStat for consumer electronic batteries

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